How to remove moustaches on the face

In this guide we will teach you how to remove lip whiskers with Colibry.

1. Handle

Turn the handle you have learned, turning the threads towards your face.

Exercise the Colibry movement without closing its legs all the way, so as to make a small movement and keep the spiral always visible inside the circle.

2. Skin preparation

Make sure the hair is dry before you start! Apply a light coating of talcum powder, or rice starch as a natural alternative. Absorbing excess moisture makes it easier for the strands to glide on and be effective.
Then stretch the skin well! You can help yourself with a grimace: push your upper lip outwards with your tongue, so you get the right tension on the area to be epilated.

3. Epilation on the right

Place the spiral inside the circle, and lay it on the skin gently. Make sure that the thread runs parallel to your lip line, and never towards your mouth.

Now you are ready to epilate: open and close, open and close...

4. Epilation in the centre

Tense the skin with another grimace: push the lips towards the inside of the mouth so that the part to be epilated is flattened.

Place the spiral in the centre of the circle and keep moving Colibry!

5. Epilation on the left

Carry out the same procedure as on the right side: make sure that the thread runs parallel to your lip line and never towards your mouth. Then continue epilation...

6. Hydration

At the end of the treatment remember to massage the skin with a moisturizing cream!

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