Become familiar with Colibry

Make sure you have some time, find a comfortable, bright place.

Before you try Colibry on your skin, start moving it in the air, away from your body, to understand its movements and discover the right handle.

Grab Colibry with two hands: thumb below, index finger and middle finger above. If you can, the ring finger can help.


Make sure you have a firm grip and try to move Colibry slowly. Close one side, the other, then repeat the movement continuously. You'll discover how simple it is, and you can increase your speed in search of your rhythm.

After these first tests you will be able to use Colibry decisively, with a correct and safe grip.

If you feel too much resistance during the movement and you accuse fatigue because Colibry seems "too hard" add two drops of oil (or lubricants of various kinds) between the metal ring and the plastic legs. You will immediately gain more fluidity!

Prepare the skin

For the first use choose a body part that is comfortable to reach. We recommend starting with the ankles.

Make sure you have treated the area to be epilated properly, make a gentle scrub, and cleanse the skin with a mild soap.

A bath or hot shower facilitates the expansion of the pores, and therefore the extraction of the hair.

Before starting, make sure the coat is dry, apply a light layer of talc (or rice starch as a natural alternative!). Absorbing excess moisture makes it easier for the threads to flow and their effectiveness.

For optimal epilation the hair should be between 3 and 6 mm long.

With the right manual skill and experience, with Colibry you can remove even 2mm regrowth, and even less.

Obviously it is also possible to act on hairs longer than 6mm, with the risk of taking longer and causing more annoyance.

Ready, set, go!

Before you start, be sure to keep the skin tight to facilitate the smooth running of the threads and avoid unintentional pinching.

Now, finally, the epilation can begin! Operate Colibry by repeating the alternating opening and closing gesture in a fluid and decisive manner.

Keep the movement of the threads always grazing over the skin, following body lines, without ever exerting pressure.

Focus on a small area. Look through the ring: the spiral of wires moves back and forth. Try to intercept the hairs, and insist on this area until they all disappear.

Don't be in a hurry, try to move around on your skin like you're slowly coloring in a sheet of paper. Don't worry, a little experience will make everything easier and faster.

At the end of the treatment remember to massage the skin with a moisturizing cream!

The first session probably won't be enough to complete a total body epilation. But it is certain that after the first epilation, the following ones will be faster and more effective.

After only three sessions you will immediately notice the slowing down of the regrowth, the thinning of the hair and its weakening.

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