How to replace Colibry wires

In this guide we will teach you how to replace your Colibry's threads.

1. Elastics

If the elastic bands are no longer in position, insert them on the extremity of the same side, between the seat that holds the wire ball and the metal ring.

2. First thread

Take the first thread or the only one you need to replace, place a ball into its seat and slide the thread along the end of Colibry.

Bring the other ball towards the opposite side of Colibry, by pulling slightly you'll be able to place it in the right position. 

To facilitate the insertion of the ball you can help yourself by placing Colibry on a plane. In this way, while you pull the ball towards its seat the thread will be kept the thread in the right position.

When tensioning the wire, be careful not to apply too much pressure on the ball but concentrate the force on the wire itself.

3. Second elastic

If you have both elastics already in place you can move on to the next point. 

If you have to position the second elastic band, proceed as in the first step as you see in this video.

4. Second wire

Like you did before, place the first ball of wire into its seat. Slide the wire into the guide at the end and hold it in place with your index finger.

5. The spiral

While continuing to hold the wire with one finger, lift Colibry and wrap the thread at least 3 times (maximum 5) around the one already fixed.

After making the spiral, pull the wire in the direction of Colibry's last free end, making sure to pass it through his guide.

The number of spirals determines the final tension that Colibry's wires will have. In this way you can adjust the tension according to the characteristics of your skin and the area you are treating.

6. Second wire, last end

We're almost there! 

Helped by placing Colibry on a plane, he grabs the ball and pulls it towards his seat. In this pass you'll need to use a little bit of force to pull the string. Don't worry, it's normal! 

Be careful not to put too much pressure on the ball, concentrating the force on the wire.

7. Fix the elastic bands

All you have to do at this point is to fix the rubber bands!

On one side fix the elastic under the ball, while on the other hook it to the special seat dug in the end of Colibry.

8. Ready!

If you have followed the steps of this guide correctly your Colibry will be ready to start again. Check that the parts are in place. Open and close Colibry a couple of times to make sure everything runs smoothly as it should.

That's it!

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