Ankle to knee!

Inside leg

Put your foot on a chair, or a bathtub. Sit close enough to keep your leg bent so that you can reach your ankle effortlessly.

Always start from the bottom and move Colibry from back to front, and from front to back, proceeding towards the knee.

Always concentrate on small areas until they are completely hair-free!


Always make sure you keep your skin tight. If you want to pull the skin on the back leg, hammer your foot with a hammer. If you want to pull the skin on the front leg, extend your foot!

It is important to start always from the ankle and work your way upwards to epilate against the hair and to be more effective!

Front side

For the front part of the leg we recommend that you lean out so that you have a clear view of the area to be treated. Start from the instep, then proceed as before: from right to left and left to right, moving slowly towards the knee!

To pull the skin of the front leg, extend the ankle joint point your foot!

Exterior leg

Lean outwards so that you have control over the area to be treated, reach the ankle and always start from the bottom. Proceed as before: from back to front and from front to back, always advancing towards the knee! 

Move the foot joint so that the skin in the area to be treated is always taut.

Back side

If you work well on the inside and outside leg, you'll see that there will be few hairs left on the back!

Bend your knee inwards slightly to reach the last remaining ones.

To pull the skin off your hind leg, always bent your feet at 90°!


At the end of the treatment remember to massage the skin with a moisturizing cream!

If you notice a few remaining hairs, eliminating them will be very quick!

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